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VIDEO: Thinking about a breast augmentation? Check out Axis Three.

The DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center is proud to use the AxisThree technology! If you are curious about how your body will look after breast surgery, AxisThree can help you visualize your new look, before you have surgery. After dropping a full cup size after losing a lot of weight, Ashley started thinking about breast augmentation. “Most women want to appear very natural as if they hadn’t had anything done, and that is what I was looking for,” Ashley told us. So she turned to the DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center for help.

Dr. Joe DeLozier uses AxisThree technology, which gives you insight into the future. “With the AxisThree you can see what volume looks like, no computer program gives a perfect representation of a post surgical result. But it’s been the best thing I have found to really show what volume is going to look like on their breast,” he explained. Ashley is happy with her results, and her experience. She also had her procedure at the practice in our on site surgery center. Everything was performed by a staff Ashley had grown to know, and trust. Call 615-565-9000 or click here to set up a consultation today.
Written on April 10, 2014