What an Aesthetician can do for you? It is a famous saying that beauty lies in the eye of the …read more

Written on October 5, 2017

What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

About Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation or breast implants are done in order to make the breasts look attractive and bigger …read more

Written on June 5, 2017

Things to Know About Botox

  Understanding Botox injections   The use of Botox gained popularity among cosmetologists in 1990s. However, it was not approved …read more

Written on April 11, 2017

VIDEO: Body Contouring & Mommy Makeover

There’s an opportunity to re-sculpt and transform your body in the privacy of a practice. All with a skilled staff …read more

Written on April 21, 2014


Aging skin.  It’s everyone’s reality. But what if those tell-tale signs didn’t  have to be so revealing? At the Dr. DeLozier …read more

Written on April 14, 2014

VIDEO: Thinking about a breast augmentation? Check out Axis Three.

The DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center is proud to use the AxisThree technology! If you are curious about how your body …read more

Written on April 10, 2014

VIDEO: How CoolSculpting Works

It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to …read more

Written on April 9, 2014

VIDEO: Ultherapy before & after story

The DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville is proud to offer Ultherapy. It’s the only non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses …read more

Written on April 8, 2014

VIDEO: Experience The DeLozier Difference

Whether it’s improving your appearance, or getting back to a sense of normal. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is about more …read more

Written on April 7, 2014

Here’s a beauty tip we found interesting

Silk pillow cases can keep your face and hair healthy. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any …read more

Written on April 4, 2014

Experience the DeLozier Difference: See Kitty’s Transformation

Written on April 3, 2014

One Way to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Expert dermatologists from Yale say that when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that …read more

Written on April 1, 2014

Why the DeLozier surgical experience is unique

Want to enhance your appearance? Turn to Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joe DeLozier. He has an innovative approach to surgery that creates …read more

Written on March 25, 2014

Ask Dr. DeLozier: What is a Neck Lift?

Written on March 5, 2014

Ask Dr. DeLozier: How do I beat those dark circles?

Want to know how to beat those dark circles? You asked. Dr. D. answers!

Written on January 31, 2014


Introducing the New UltraShape Power

We’re so excited to introduce UltraShape Power! Call 615-565-9000 to schedule your appointment

Written on January 18, 2017