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3D Imaging

During Your Consultation See Your Body With Breast Augmentation Or Breast Impants In Nashville, TN


Dr. DeLozier, utilizes Vectra® 3D imaging in Nashville for breast augmentation consultations. The Vectra imaging tool allows both the patient and the surgeon to visualize and predict post-surgery breast changes during your consultations.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology are two things that are crucial to being at the forefront of care and delivering optimal patient results. The Vectra® 3D imaging system at DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center enables Dr. DeLozier to do just that. With this system, during a breast augmentation consultation, the patient and surgeon are able to directly visualize the results of the surgery. With this system, multiple implant scenarios can be visualized with different size, style, and shape options.

Dr. DeLozier realizes that deciding on an implant size is a BIG decision. This is why having the Vectra®3D imaging system is so important. It helps facilitate discussions of implants during consultations, and helps you as well as Dr. DeLozier to see the direct result of a certain implant sizes, shapes, and styles on your body frame and chest wall from every angle. The Vectra imaging session is performed from the comfort of our office, is relatively short and harmless.

The Vectra® 3D Imaging Experience

During your consultation, pictures of your breasts will be taken with the Vectra® 3D imaging system, and during your meeting with Dr. DeLozier, you will look at the Vectra® 3D imaging system and various implant sizes, styles, and shapes. From the patients’ point of view, this system is so significant, because they can see each option from a different perspective while looking at their own body. From a plastic surgeon’s perspective, it provides us with every minute detail that we need to create a beautiful result. These elements make 3D imaging with Vectra® such an invaluable resource and tool for planning and represent the next frontier in plastic surgery.

We invite you to come in and view your own results during a consultation with Dr. DeLozier. See the new you before even having surgery!

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