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A More Youthful Appearance

If you’re troubled by frown lines, wrinkles or a heavy, drooping brow, you may want to consider a brow lift with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. DeLozier. A brow lift is used to tighten the skin of your forehead, giving you a more youthful appearance. Restore vibrancy to your face with a forehead lift. Natural-looking results virtually undo the unwanted effects of time on your brow.

Your Individual Goals For A Brow Lift

Your goals will be discussed realistically with plastic surgeon Dr. DeLozier. Forehead lifts are often performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries, such as rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) or blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Together you will decide which procedures he will perform in order to achieve your desired results.

About Brow Lift Cosmetic Surgery

For your safety and comfort, your forehead lift will be performed under general anesthesia. The duration of brow lift cosmetic surgery depends upon which procedures are being performed. However, Dr. DeLozier usually completes brow lift surgery within 1 to 1 1/2 hours. He will either use the classic method or the endoscopic method to tighten your brow. Both procedures involve inconspicuous incisions in the hairline. He will then tighten your brow skin and remove any excess tissue that causes drooping. Dr. DeLozier then re-sets your brow line so that it can heal.

Recovery From Brow Lift Surgery

When your brow lift procedure is complete, Dr. DeLozier may tape your forehead and loosely wrap your head to minimize any bruising or swelling. He may place a thin tube to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect under the skin. Scarring will fade over time.


Brow Lift Results

Frown lines, wrinkles or a sagging forehead will no longer give your age away. After your brow has been rejuvenated, you can feel and look youthful again. You won’t have to worry about trying to conceal wrinkles or other such imperfections with heavy, harsh make-up and facial products. Over time, the results of your brow lift will keep you looking younger than if you’d never undergone the surgery. Now you can let your inner youth and beauty shine through your face and your confident smile.