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A Complete Contouring Solution

FaceTite is a complete contouring solution for the face and small areas of the body that helps you to achieve results similar to a facelift without excisional surgery. FaceTite™ is a new form of energy-assisted skin tightening, using RFAL (radio frequency assisted liposuction) and computer-controlled application of radiofrequency energy.

The FaceTite™ procedure causes the skin to tighten by 40% instantly, the skin will look and feel better immediately and though the results are instant there will be some swelling for approximately seven days afterwards. Over a period of three to six weeks as new collagen is formed there will be a continuous improvement. The FaceTite™ hand-piece is designed to be minimally invasive creating skin tightening with virtually no scarring and no stitches required, this makes the recovery process even quicker. The treatment results from FaceTite™ will last up to about five years, similar to a mini Face Lift™ and thereafter the skin will age naturally, though genetics and lifestyle may affect the lifespan of the FaceTite™ or any other Face Lift procedure