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Helios Skin Resurfacing


Introducing a revolutionary new technique to address the aging facial and neck skin: the Helios procedure. Helios effectively addresses fine lines and excess skin under the eyes as well as vertical lines around the lip. This is one of the most exciting developments in facial rejuvenation that shows dramatic improvement in the skin surface, lines and wrinkles that can’t be accomplished with any of the present day treatments.

What is the Helios treatment?

The new Helios procedure has shown results and alleviates the complications associated with the traditional techniques. It is not a laser machine. It uses helium to precisely eliminate layer by layer of the skin surface with a much lower temperature than other treatments. Lower temperature results in less collateral damage to the adjacent tissue, thus drastically reducing the potential for complications. The procedure removes the epidermis on the first pass and then tightens the dermis on the next pass, thus shrinking and eliminating the lines.

The Helios procedure can be done on the whole face, including around the eyes, the mouth, the chin, and the neck. There is little to no pain after the procedure. Recovery includes washing the treated area regularly and keeping it lubricated. Make-up can be worn in approximately two weeks. Following two weeks, there may be some residual redness but it can be covered with make-up.

The results from the Helios procedure are permanent and it is a one-time treatment. It however, as with all therapies, does not stop the anti-aging process

How is the Helios treatment different from the CO2 laser?

Traditionally, the best techniques to treat creepy skin, fine lines and excess skin have been the phenol peel and CO2 laser, which have the potential for unwanted complicates. The Helios procedure is different from the CO2 laser procedure in that it does not use as much heat, resulting in less damage to the surrounding tissue and less complications. Unlike the CO2 laser, it can be done on the neck.

How is the Helios treatment different from Fraxel?

The current Fraxel technique has not been able to produce the results that I would like. Helios is different in that produces better results and has more controlled energy delivery.


Can the Helios procedure be done with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers such as Botox?

Yes because dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers treat different layers of the face. Botox is in the muscle while dermal filler is under the skin. The Helios procedure treats the skin surface.

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