Arm & Leg Lift

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Your arm skin may sag as you grow older, if you’ve lost a lot of weight, or you may have a genetic predisposition to store fat in the upper arm area. This may cause embarrassment or damage your self-esteem. Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. DeLozier uses brachioplasty to tighten loose skin under your arms. Arm lift cosmetic surgery won’t just reduce the size of your upper arms, you’ll experience a boost in your self-confidence as a direct result of your brachioplasty plastic surgery procedure.


About Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, procedure with Dr. DeLozier at DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center in Nashville will reshape the underside of your upper arm. Your arm lift procedure will be performed under general anesthesia for your safety and comfort. Dr. DeLozier will make an incision from your underarm to the elbow. He will reduce or remove saggy, excess skin, tighten the tissue that defines your arm shape, and reduce localized fat pockets in your upper arm. Though our surgeons use a short-scar technique with many patients, some scarring is unavoidable. However, your scar will improve and fade over time.

Recovery From Brachioplasty

Following surgery, Dr. DeLozier may apply dressings or bandages to your incisions. Your arms may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimize swelling.

Arm Lift Plastic Surgery Results

After your arm lift cosmetic surgery procedure at DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center, you can finally wear sleeveless dresses and tank tops! You won’t have to be shy of lifting your arms above your head in front of others or waving to a friend. Your arms will be more toned and proportionate to the rest of your body. Clothes will now better fit your upper body. Now you can dance with a partner and clap at a performance with ease and confidence.



Our consultation process is a journey of discovery — here’s what to expect when you begin yours at the DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Your consultation is an opportunity to gather information and explore cosmetic surgery and non-surgical options. During your journey here, we encourage you to ask questions, examine possibilities, and discover what procedures can enhance and improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

There are several steps to your consult; the most important is meeting with Board Certified Dr. DeLozier to discuss your objectives. Dr. DeLozier will offer his professional opinion on your requested procedure and may suggest other options that work best for you and your desired goals. This is the perfect time to ask questions and educate yourself about your treatment. The entire consult is an hour long, and the fee is $75.00, which will be deducted from your procedure cost.


The first step is to meet with our Front Desk Coordinator. They will assist you with the patient intake process and inquire about your demographics, and medical history. After sharing the necessary information, you’ll be invited to have a seat in our relaxing waiting area.


After your initial intake session, a member of the DeLozier team will escort you to an examination room. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss what surgical or non-surgical procedures you are interested in and share your goals. Next, you’ll meet with Dr. DeLozier to learn about the treatments and explore which may match your goals. During this discovery session, you’ll receive his professional opinion and advice about what is best for your desires and have the opportunity to ask questions. There are also photo albums available with before and after images of each procedure so you can see real results.


Once you’ve completed your consult with Dr. DeLozier, you’ll meet with our Patient Care Coordinator, Jennifer Moore. She’ll discuss the cost of the procedure and the financing options for your surgery. Jennifer will also assist with scheduling; if you have a particular date in mind, she’ll work to accommodate your schedule. She is your go-to contact at the clinic if you are still in the information-gathering stage or have questions.