There’s an opportunity to re-sculpt and transform your body in the privacy of a practice. All with a skilled staff you’ve grown to know and trust. It’s part of the DeLozier difference.

A lot of times it’s tough to lose those unwanted pounds, or maybe you’ve lost the weight, but a lot of excess skin remains. Dr. Joe DeLozier has the solution. He’s a board certified plastic surgeon using the latest technology, and offering a unique experience at the DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center in Middle Tennessee.

Women like Rosann have turned to us after losing quite a bit of weight. “I was quite heavy and lost 65 pounds initially. I had lots of extra skin,” Rosann explained to us. Her life has changed since her surgery.

“I had the tummy tuck done, and now I wear two piece bathing suits. I couldn’t be happier with the results,” she said. A tummy tuck removed her excess skin and some fat, but also tightened abdominal muscles. Rosann’s procedure was performed in DeLozier’s on site surgery center. It can save you money, and keeps your experience discreet.

We also offer what’s been nicknamed a “mommy makeover”. It’s a tummy tuck and breast augmentation performed together.

“They are someone who may have not shed all of their baby weight, but most of it. And frustrated that their tummy isn’t looking pregnant, but not nearly flat as they want it to be because of the muscles have been separated,” Dr. DeLozier explained to us.

For people who have lost anywhere from 75 to 200 pounds there could be issues with excess skin, sagging fatty tissue and cellulite. At the Delozier Cosmetic Surgery Center: we offer what’s called a body lift. We’ve had great success reshaping, re-contouring, and in some cases, giving our clients a waist line again after significant weight loss.

We’re also proud to offer Cool Sculpting. It’s a technology that freezes the fat from your midsection, and there’s no downtime! So if you’ve thought about liposuction or other types of cosmetic surgery, why wait any longer?

With an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, and a staff that never forgets its all about you: let the DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center make that difference in your life. Call 615- 565-9000 for a consultation, or schedule one online here.