One of the most common questions regarding breast augmentation is “how much does it cost?” When you are looking to make a costly purchase of any kind, the cost is certainly an important factor to consider, but when your health and medical results are at stake, it shouldn’t be the only one. In fact, it should be far down the list, below patient safety and the quality of the results. Cheap surgery can end up being the most expensive procedure of all.

Patient safety

Breast augmentation is real surgery, and although the complication rates are low, they are much higher in the hands of someone who isn’t well-trained or who cuts corners by operating in an unaccredited facility. The most extreme is to get bargain surgery in another country without rigorous safety regulations.

Start by confirming that your surgeon is board-certified – Not by just any board, but by the American Board of Plastic Surgery-

Dr. Delozier is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This indicates that Dr. DeLozier  has gone through rigorous training, extensive examination and maintenance of expertise. This training takes years, and maintaining expertise requires time, so a cost-cutting shortcut is to skip all that training and testing and to just take a weekend course. All members of ASPS are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are in good standing.

Where your surgery is performed is as important is who is performing the surgery. Confirm that your surgeon operates in an accredited operating room.

Dr. DeLozier owns and operates out of his private ambulatory surgical center located here in the office. Qualified accrediting/certifying agencies include AAAASF, AAAHC, IMQ, Medicare and the state your surgeon practices in. These agencies regularly check the facilities they accredit or certify for multiple safety features, including the physical facility, staffing, policies and procedures, emergency protocols and much more. Safety is expensive, so a great way for a surgeon to be able to offer a lower price is to cut corners on patient safety.

During your consultation, Dr. DeLozier will listen to you and discuss your goals. You can feel confident that you are in the best care!

What about the results?

DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery center has  before and after photos in a photo gallery on our  website. Please check them out by clicking on this link- When looking at the photos, look for consistency between the before photo and the after photo. The lighting, background, camera distance from the patient should all be close to the same. Look for a frontal view and a side view. If you see only a three-quarters view on all photos, there may be a reason; it is easier to hide surgical differences in the left and the right when the patient is partially rotated away from the camera.

Another thing to look at is the natural mismatch in breasts. No breasts are the same. If there are differences in the left and the right, is it because the patients’ breasts are different? Or is it because one implant was placed higher or lower than the other? If one breast is naturally larger than the other, did the surgeon improve that by using different sized implants?

If you choose a surgeon who isn’t expertly trained or doesn’t get great results, if you return for free or low-cost revision, do you think you’ll get the result you want? Probably not. If you go to an expert to revise your breast augmentation, the cost will likely be higher (sometimes significantly so) than the cost of an initial breast augmentation. It is usually much more difficult to fix a poorly done breast augmentation than it is to do the first augmentation right.

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