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One of the most important advances for cosmetic
procedures in the last 20 years, Renuvion® cosmetic
technology is Reshaping What’s Possible ™

Renuvion powered by JPlasma utilizes inert-helium plasma activated with RF energy to shrink excess or loose skin. This new technology can be used to dramatically reduce wrinkles, shrink excess skin from weight loss, and remove skin discoloration. The possibilities are limitless. DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center is excited to be at the forefront of such an astounding innovation and introduce the latest advancement in skin treatment options. With a brief recovery time and minimal to non-invasive treatment options, J Plasma can provide amazing results never before seen with laser treatments and typical surgical options.

No other treatment has the ability to actually tighten skin in the way that J-Plasma can. Including the face, neck, the abdomen, the arms, and even the thighs and knees, elasticity is restored and wrinkles are improved or eliminated immediately. With this breakthrough technology, Dr. Delozier is truly able to provide precision skin tightening never-before seen with any other device – Most patients require a single treatment with multiple “passes” of the Helium Plasma stream. The tightening can actually be appreciated immediately!